I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Digital Media Lab of the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) at the University of Bremen, where I work together with Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka. I do research in the fields of Navigation, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Entertainment Computing (EC) and I am especially interested in Mobile and Wearable Computing.

In 2003 I started studying Computer Science at the University of Bremen where I completed my 'Diplom' degree in 2009. From 2009 until 2012 I was a doctoral fellow in the graduate school Advances in Digital Media funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS). Since 2013 I am working as a research associate and received my PhD in 2015. As a side job, I am working in a pub called Schmidt's Kneipe.

My doctoral thesis, titled Navigation in the Real World and in Virtual Worlds, aimed at taking advantage of modern input technology to design natural and intuitive interaction concepts for navigation in the real world and navigation in virtual worlds. It was supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka from the University of Bremen and Prof. Dr. Johannes Schöning from Hasselt University.

For details on my work have a look at my research and teaching activites. If you have further questions contact me via email or phone.

Dirk Wenig

Photo by Søren Knudsen

ScrollingHome is a novel image-based indoor navigation approach for smartwatches. The user scrolls through a series of images by scrolling vertically on the display.

Dirk Wenig, Alexander Steenbergen, Johannes Schöning, Brent Hecht and Rainer Malaka (2016) ScrollingHome: Bringing Image-based Indoor Navigation to Smartwatches MobileHCI '16 Honorable Mention Award Award

Prior research attributes a positive effect of interactivity to cognition. This work investigates how common interaction with large displays impacts on recall in learning tasks.

Philipp Panhey, Tanja Döring, Stefan Schneegass, Dirk Wenig and Florian Alt (2015) What People Really Remember: Understanding Cognitive Effects When Interacting with Large Displays ITS '15

Tagging is a boring task and remembering the assigned tags is important to find tagged media at later point. This work uses gamification for entertaining image tagging with tags you do not forget.

Nina Runge, Dirk Wenig, Danny Zitzmann and Rainer Malaka (2015) Tags You Don't Forget: Gamified Tagging of Personal Images ICEC 2015